Changes 2/26/20

It’s been a while – again. I’m not going to promise more regular updates or postings. I’m going to let it be that I post when I post, and don’t when I don’t. Less stress, less pressure, more genuine content.

I recently moved to one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco – I now live in the Sunset, right by Golden Gate Park and just a block away from both a bus and tram stop. I have my own room, which I am thoroughly loving – I have beautiful dark hardwood floors, a great big black wrought iron bed frame and an ever-growing family of plants. I’m very excited about adding more, making my little space very much my own.

The kitchen is huge, with lots of cupboard and storage space, and there’s a washer and dryer in the house – I don’t need to pay quarters to do laundry, or even leave my house, which is a modern-day-SF luxury. My roommates are wonderful people too – super chill, super lovely – I can’t believe how lucky I got.

While it has been an incredible experience I have thoroughly enjoyed, I finished up in the restaurant I was working at; NOPA. I have so much love for the place and the people there, and didn’t think I would be moving on after just 7 months, but an opportunity arose that I really felt I had to just go for, and it worked out.

I am now the San Francisco office receptionist for Redpoint, a venture capital firm – a completely different industry and change of scenery and pace. My hours are beautiful; Monday to Friday, I start at 8am and finish at around 4pm (with most Mondays off, for now – it’s a quiet day in the office).

I am really excited about having all my evenings and weekends off – it makes planning so much easier, and it’s so nice to know that I can go to a concert or dinner or get-together without having to worry about whether or not I’ll be scheduled to work that night.

I thrive on this kind of schedule, too. I thoroughly enjoy my mornings – I get up at 6am, I’m on the tram by 6:45am (missing the morning rush hour means it’s so lovely and quiet), I get to work at about 7:30am, I make myself some breakfast and am at my desk ready for the day ahead by 8am. The office environment itself is lovely, and I feel spoiled with all of the facilities, food and snacks that are freely available to us all – I’m going to save so much on groceries!

Taking the tram back home too, I usually get there by 5pm – then I have my whole evening to spend as I wish. Already I’ve filled the rest of this week and some of next with meet-ups, catch-ups, movie nights, dinners, drinks, dates, chores, lots of lovely personal-time things.

I’m really excited about getting even more settled, proving myself and earning more trust so that I’ll be given more responsibilities. I’m excited about the prospect of growth, and about the experience itself.

While I’m still thinking about what it is I want to do – what career path I want to settle on and run down, I feel like I’m in a good spot to root myself in for a while – I’m secure, in a great place, I’m going to learn a lot, and ultimately I still have plenty of time.

I am very excited about life right now.

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