I’m running out of ways to say Merry Christmas

I’ve decided to make my own Christmas cards this year. I ordered one hundred blank cards and envelopes on amazon. I also got a black gel pen, a silver gel pen and a gold gel pen. It’s fun, and cute – but I’m running out of different ways to say ‘Merry Christmas’. I also cannot draw to save my life.

While there’s something about a card that’s been handmade as opposed to bought, there’s a strong economical reasoning behind my making my own Christmas cards this year. Naturally enough, living in San Francisco, I’m really broke. I have so many people in my life that I love and adore and want to give a token to this Christmas, but even Christmas cards on their own are expensive when you have at least fifty to buy. So, I decided to get creative on a budget. The packet of one hundred blank cards and envelopes was just thirty five dollars, including delivery, which averages out at thirty five cents a card – that’s pretty fantastic. The gel pens worked out at just a few dollars each, which isn’t too much more to add that bit of festive sparkle to otherwise pretty plain and simple cards.

I can make really tasty granola, and a lot of it too, for not that much – the nuts and maple syrup are a little pricey when you need a lot, but it’s worth it. It’s good granola. I ordered little bags and ties so that I can batch-make a whole load of granola, and bag it up to give as little gifts. I’ll probably be able to make thirty little bags of granola per batch that I make at like, thirty dollars a batch, so just a dollar or two a bag, even when you take into account the price of the plastic bag itself (I know, plastic, my environmental conscious is screaming at me).

I can also (I’m assuming, cause I’ve done it before) make cookies – I can bag up some homemade ginger snaps and chocolate chip cookies for people, too, to shake it up a little. If I got really lazy, or lost faith in my baking abilities, I could buy a whole load and variety of different chocolate-y treats and bag them up – custom-made assortments, I could call it.

So there you go – a homemade Christmas card and a bag of homemade granola or cookies or some sort of festivity-inspired treat – Merry Christmas!

If you have Christmas card/Seasons’ greeting ideas, please send them on to me. Tell me how to pass on seasons’ greetings in your native language. Teach me how to draw a quick, easy, and decent, snowman or snowflake – literally anything that can be in any way associated to Christmas, but is easy to draw. My two-dimensional, two-toned (silver and gold) Christmas tree attempt is getting a little old.

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