It only takes a minute to let someone know that you’re thinking of them

As nice and all as it is, it really isn’t enough to just be thinking of someone. What good is that to them, if they don’t know? And even to you, if you’re stuck in this private bubble of pre-occupied thought about someone and not doing anything about it. Life gets in the way of our doing sometimes – we think about doing things, or about how we should be doing things, and so often just don’t get around to actually doing them.

Imagine if every time you thought about someone with care, wondered how they were doing and wished you could talk with them for even just a minute, they got some kind of notification that you were thinking about them. Impossible, right?

Wrong – it takes just about four seconds, I reckon, to pick up your phone, unlock it, and hit the little telephone icon beside their name. Following these simple steps, you’ll find yourself connected and speaking to your friend, family member, partner, whoever it is you want to reach out to and connect with, in just a handful of dialling tones.

As much and all as we give out about it at times, are bombarded with constant and instant information, today’s technology really does leave us with very little excuse for not reaching out to people – but in some round-about way the ease and immediacy of it all has made us lazy.

It really is that simple. Give them a call, shoot them a message. If they don’t answer, they will at least see that you were reaching out, and sometimes even just that is more than enough to make someone’s day, to let them know that they’re being thought about and that you care.

If you are thinking about someone, let them know – it only takes a minute.

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