Philz’s Coffee, Mission District, San Francisco CA. 22/05/2019

I walked over an hour to a coffee shop in the Mission District called Philz’s Coffee. Several people told me about it, that apparently I’d love it. To be fair, google maps said 56 minutes, but I took my time, stopping along the way to take pictures of cool homes and the wall murals. I also popped into a cute vintage clothing store where I bought a fabulous top. I would take a picture right now to show you, but I’m sitting in Philz’s Coffee Shop trying really hard to preserve an air of cool nonchalance, and snapping a picture of my chest area would really undermine my attempts.

Anyways, the people that said I would love this place were right.

Not only is the coffee amazing, and each cup made to order from a selection of a variety of coffee beans all lined up in containers along the back wall, there are free doggie treats at the till for customers to take to give to their own dogs or to dogs of fellow coffee shop customers. How wholesome is that?

While the music that’s playing in Philz’s is great and suitably chill to match the vibe of the place, I am currently listening to a 1997 album, Harlem World, by Mase. My Uber last night had it playing. It is very good, would definitely recommend giving it a listen for a good groove.

Harlem World by Mase

I’m finished my coffee now. It was a lighter blend, called Dancing Water. I’m going to go for a medium blend next, the Philtered Soul. I’ll be buzzing for my hour walk home.

Until next time,

Ciara D. x

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