San Francisco Bae Watch

I’ve arrived.

I went from Cork to London Heathrow, then London Heathrow to San Francisco. The latter was a 10 hour flight, but not as painful as one might think; lots of free drinks and food, and a little tv screen on the back of the seat in front on which you can watch all the latest movies. I didn’t watch any.

Today I strolled around Divisadero, which is where the apartment I’m staying in is, Alamo Square just around the corner, the Panhandle that leads down into Golden Gate Park, and of course I swung by Haight/Ashbury – 1967 The Summer of Love.

My most exciting discovery today, however, is the rooftop. I can climb out the window that my bed is pushed right up against to the fire escape (so really I’m climbing from my bed to the fire escape) and take the ladders all the way up to the rooftop – the view is unreal. Smoke spot I’d say.

I’ve just printed my resume and a general cover letter there now, so going out after my eggs to get myself a job.

For now,

Ciara D. xo

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