Band T-shirt

I have a whole collection of band t-shirts that I’ve accumulated over the years. While some (most, admittedly) aren’t the most aesthetic, at least not technically or in terms of popular trends, and none of them are in any way flattering in terms of their fit, they have memories of great concerts and gigs attached to them, and display support and love for the music that you’re into and the musicians that you admire.

I have thrown out some of the less savoury choices, but I haven’t shifted any of the ones that I’ve kept off to a charity shop just yet. If I’m being honest, I don’t intend on doing that, either.

While I used to shamelessly wear them out and about before (cringing at 14 year old Ciara), I haven’t worn any of them in public for years – until now.

The Band T-shirt Boom is back, boys, and back with a bang.*

Tom Misch band tee le Mum’s old denim jacket

I’ve figured out a way to wear the big and baggy t-shirts in a way that isn’t unflattering, and I know it isn’t any huge revelation or discovery and that it has been done before, but; I tie them at the front, so that they sit around my waist as opposed to hanging down around me like a tent. Sometimes I wear a long sleeved top underneath too – I think that looks cool (and keeps you warm – practical bonus).

Above I am in one of my favourite band tees: my Tom Misch one. I have huge admiration and a lot of love for Tom Misch, and this tee reminds me of that, and of the unbelievable experiences I’ve had seeing Tom live. Not only that, it’s a class t-shirt in it’s own right.

Figuring out how to wear the band t-shirts was only a part of this – a big part of this was just not caring anymore about what others might think about what I’m wearing, and just wearing whatever I want to.

Fair enough, if you feel it looks silly, trust yourself and don’t wear it if you don’t want to. But, if you think it looks groovy, and you’re just worried that others might not think so and might not get what you’re going for, trust yourself and wear it. Everyone is so busy worrying about themselves and how they look, that nobody gives a shit about what you’re wearing and how you look, anyways. If they do give a shit, that’s their sad problem.

Wear that top you love but haven’t worn yet.

another one, for the road

*instant cringe and regret once I typed this, but I’m leaving it there – not sorry.

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