Journal 11/3/2019; I’m here, and I care

This post is dedicated to all my friends.

To all the best friends in my life that are always there, for the great times and the bad, the boogie’s and the cries, the G&T’s and the tea – I love you all, and you are all so important.

One need only have one or two close friends in their life to hold close no matter how little or often you get to see each other – the one or two that you know will always be there. I am so grateful to have more than just one or two of those kinds of people in my life. So many I’m sure aren’t even aware that I consider them to be that close and dear to me, but I do.

There are so many people in my life who I will always, always be there for, too, who may not even know it. It’s hard to just say it out of nowhere, to just declare “oh hey, I just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t already know, that I love you very much and will always be here for you if ever you need me to be”, but do it. Everyone, no matter how okay or put together they may seem on the outside, everyone needs to know that they have people in their lives that care deeply about them and will always be there if they should ever need someone to talk to, someone to dance with, a shoulder to cry on or a cuppa tea to chat over.

Every time I feel down or alone, like I have no one to talk to or no one to turn to when I am feeling a little lost or lonely or just not myself, I forget that a lot of the time it is up to ourselves to reach out. While there are people in your life that will look out for you and catch you before you even know you’re falling, sometimes we hide our falling so well that it slips by unnoticed, or maybe doesn’t look like much from the outside despite how intensely you might be feeling on the inside. Let a friend know that you are not in a great place, that you would love some company, would love a cuppa and a chat, or a G&T and a boogie if that’s what you’re feeling, whatever it is – reach out.

This works both ways. If you notice a friend has been a bit quieter than usual, that you’re not seeing them as much and feel like there might be something more going on beneath the surface, just check in. When you think of someone, send them a message to let them know. We’re all so caught up in our own worlds sometimes, worrying about ourselves and what people are thinking about us, that we forget everyone around us is the same – everyone has their own worries and stuff going on, on top of their thinking about what people are thinking of them. Thinking about someone is all well and good, but how can they know you care if you don’t let them know that you do? If you have been thinking about, worrying about or just wondering about how a friend is doing, send them a message to let them know, because sometimes that is all we need. Remind a friend or two today that you are there, and that you care.

We need to look out for ourselves, to reach out for ourselves, but also look out for each other, and reach out to each other.

Yours, Ciara D. 11/3/2019

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