Journal 7/3/2019; Exciting times ahead

While I still have yet to get through my final exams (which I really need to start studying for soon, next week, or so I’m telling myself – will let you all know how that plan works out), I am starting to feel very excited, albeit with a hint of panicked terror and a subtle but at times overwhelming sense of being completely lost… the prospect of being essentially free to go wherever I want to and do whatever I like come the 3rd of May, the day of my last exam (according to UCC’s provisional exam timetable, praying that this doesn’t change), is only slightly terrifying.

Yes, I may not have any written-in-stone plan, and as someone who always likes to know what’s next and have at least a rough idea of what I am doing this does at times induce a little bit of a panic, but I have intentions and things that I am hoping to do, things I wish to experience and lots that I hope to achieve, with all of the time in the world to do and experience and achieve them.

Many of you are in a similar position. I’ve been trying really hard recently to just trust in the universe. It sounds ridiculous, but how many times have you been told that if something is meant to be, it will be? Of course most things in life require effort and hard work, but after that what more can we do? Work at what you love, apply for as much as you possibly can, keep all the doors open, opening more whenever you get the opportunity to, and the doors that are meant for you, you’ll fall into.

What is meant for you, won’t pass you – but keep your head up, keep doing what you love, keep working at it, or you might miss it.

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