Journal 4/3/2019; Switch off.

This is just a brief update and apology; I haven’t posted much this week as I have needed some head space and decided it would be best for me to switch off as much as I can. I’ve been in touch with people when it was necessary, sent the important emails and attended all of the necessary lectures and events, but I have taken a backseat with all else in order to breathe a little.

This is also just a friendly reminder that you do not need to be constantly contactable. You can, in fact, switch off your phone for 48 hours and not miss out on much, if anything at all. If there does happen to be some kind of emergency, you need not fret because if it is vital enough people will find a way to reach you, and the reality is that you taking the break you need from the world and anything and everything else outside of you and your immediate concerns (which should be you) is more important than anything else that might be going on in some group chat. It will do your head the world of good – you have no idea how much of a toll social media and technology takes on our mental and even physical well-being.

Switch off for a while.

Much love, Ciara D. 4/3/2019

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