It’s a look: high-neck jumpers & layered necklaces

Every now and then I get really into a particular style or look that I wear and wear for a time until I move on to the next thing. A few months back it was jumpsuits, for example; I found the comfiest, nicest looking jumpsuit in New Look – it was black, and could be worn casually, every day, paired with a denim jacket and converse, or be dressed up with a pair of heels and dangling earrings. In my opinion, as convenience and comfort are of utmost importance to me when it comes to clothing, this kind of item is the best kind of item. I bought this jumpsuit in four more colours.

Recently, the look I am loving is, as the title suggests, high-neck jumpers and layered necklaces – high-neck jumper because they are cosy, comfortable, warm yet still so stylish, and the layered necklaces because I have so many lovely pieces of jewellery that I never wear so why the heck not? Also, it adds a bit of that dressy/casual glam to the whole cosy, comfy jumper vibe. This look goes great over jeans, skinny or Mom, over trousers, slim cut or flared, even over a skirt, long or short – depending on whether the jumper is a cropped cut or not.

High-neck, cropped (or not) jumpers are everywhere at the moment, so a quick sconce through any of the leading online or even high-street stores will lead to a find of a choice of different colours and cuts at a reasonable price (if you are a college student and don’t have a Unidays account, set up a Unidays account). I recently bought two lovely cropped high-neck jumpers in the Nasty Gal sale – one in white, and another in a dark nude colour (sounds horrific, but it is genuinely so lovely), and they’re super soft.

I am also currently digging socks. Funky or sporty, with the right pair of kicks, socks can really add to a look.*

Shoes and socks both Pull & Bear

*I speak as though I know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I wouldn’t say that I’m into fashion, but I wouldn’t say that I’m not – meaning I have a personal interest; I like what I like and I enjoy clothes and dressing in ways that make me feel like me. I am not, however, educated on what are actually the latest trends, the what not to dos and the must-have staples etc. As such, any ‘fashion’ writing pieces I do offer only my own, uneducated opinions – fashion according to me.

Ciara D. 26/2/2019

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