Journal 20/2/2019 – Coffee in Cork & the minimal waste store.

Although I have grabbed take away coffee’s from The Kino on Washington Street in Cork City, I have never actually sat down inside and enjoyed its unique ambience. If you’re not sure which place it is, it is the one with the big dragon mural painted on the outside wall – unmissable. Inside, it looks like a coffee shop, gig venue with mini bar, and cinema combined – walls and ceiling painted black, large screen on the back wall placed over a 15-inch-high platform stage framed by standing speakers and lights. You can see how easily the place transforms into a gig hall by simply taking away or pushing aside the tables and chairs that make it into the coffee shop it is by day.

Cork really is a great place for coffee lovers. It is the home of coffee-fanatics favourite Cork Coffee Roasters, and many non-chain, small coffee shop establishments that thrive thanks to the consistent support they get from the coffee lover and hipster inhabitants of the city (I hate to use the word, ‘hipster’, but I can’t think of a better one right now. Just to clarify, I don’t mean this in any negative way, as the label has attracted a negative connotation. If anyone knows of a better way to say what I mean, please do correct me – I can edit this piece and credit you for the suggestion at the end). –

hang on, sorry, they just started playing Van Morrison’s ‘Days Like This’. I have an intense weakness for the music of Van Morrison. Having a little moment…

Alchemy is another great spot for a quit coffee, and a book, as it is also a bookstore. With shelves of books and an unbeatably subtly cool vibe, it is the ideal place to sit with a coffee and a book for a few hours. I’ve done it. I read an entire book of extracts from Simone De Beauvoir’s The Secound Sex in there once (the Vintage Feminism Short Edition).

Alchemy Coffee & Bookstore, Barrack St., Cork

There are loads more, but I’ll save them for another post.

Did anyone notice the super cute water bottle beside my coffee in the photo above? I bought it in the minimal-waste store in Clonakilty and am obsessed – not only is it just so aesthetically vibey, it keeps the water so cold making it taste always so amazing and refreshing. This is another one of the few little changes I’ve been making to my routine in order to reduce my waste output and contribute to the improvement of the environment in my own little way – no more plastic bottles (refer back to this previous post to read about the other changes I’ve made.) Delighted with myself about it, so I am. Twig Refill Shop is the name of the store, kick-started by Olive Finn and Andy Beattie of the also Clonakilty-based health food shop The Olive Branch. Check out their website here.

Twig Refill Shop – Clonakilty’s minimal waster store

Back to the present moment: they just switched on ceiling fairy lights in The Kino that look like stars against the black background, adding to the vibes. Aslan’s ‘Crazy World’ is currently playing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

Yours, Ciara D. 20/2/2019

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