Journal 10/2/2019

There’s something about Sundays. I have always insisted on Sundays being a day of rest, a day one needn’t put themselves under pressure to do or start anything. Be that a lazy woman’s excuse, fine, I can live with that. I like my Sundays. I don’t waste them away doing nothing at all, unless that’s exactly what I feel like doing, which is perfectly okay every once in a while. I spend my Sundays doing the easy-going things I love; I might meet a friend for coffee, watch movies with my Mum, I write a lot on Sundays, I read my books for college, I go for a stroll with my dog – which reminds me: I need to dedicate a post to Jay, an introduction to the best dog ever.

I am aware that I still haven’t posted about my Paris Adventure, but I want to wait until I have the film developed, and I don’t yet. Film photography is expensive. Worth it, but expensive. Like a lot of good things. C’est la vie.

I went to my final year ball, Arts Ball, on Thursday and had an absolute blast, despite my poor feet paying the price for my over-confidence in being able to last all night in my heels. I still have pains in my calf muscles. I wore pants, and was not-so-unconsciously delighted with myself for it, evidently as I pointed the fact out to everyone I spoke to for more than just a few minutes. It was a great night with some fantastic people.

Here’s myself, on the right, with the beautiful Sinead.

I have incredibly good looking friends.

You (sadly) can’t even tell that I’m wearing pants in any of the photos.

I am currently chilling in my room listening to music through the bluetooth speaker my brother so kindly donated to me after upgrading to one that I genuinely do not ever see the boy without any more – he carries it around the house with him. It’s a good thing he has unreal music taste.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Billie Eilish – I’m loving her. Kojaque, too; an incredibly talented Irish artist I am currently blown away by. Check out ‘Eviction Notice’, not only my personal favourite of Kojaque’s, but of anyone’s at the moment.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy that awfully angled photo of my eyebrows. I took it in Amsterdam and only found it on my phone in that retro Huji cam app the other day. I am so bad for taking photos, and the ones I do take I forget about.

Ciara D. 10/2/2019

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