Journal 5/2/2019

I am just out of a career guidance meeting. It was really helpful, and I am feeling a lot better. For the past few weeks, I have been a little (a lot) all over the place in terms of my plans for a future that seems to be propelling itself with increasing speed into my present, but after a chat about the options and opportunities that are out there (there are so many), I am feeling a little less lost and a lot more hopeful, motivated, and ready to get the ball rolling.

In other news, I have started an archive section on this – a place for all of the pieces I have written before, be they for myself out of pure recreation, or for the college newspaper. I have been an editor for the college paper for almost three years now (yikes), so I have a lot of articles and pieces that I would like to have all in the one place, easily accessible should that be needed, or at least beneficial, in my application for future internships and/or jobs.

I am about to head into the gym – back at it again after too many (five, to be exact) months off. I’ve been very bold. I can feel it too, not only physically but mentally – my head is all over the place, and a good workout even just two or three times a week does absolute wonders for stress, headspace, and overall wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be in the gym, either – a walk, a run, some yoga, a swim, anything at all that is convenient, suits you, and that you enjoy. Do it.

Ciara D. 5/2/2019

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