Clodagh – ‘Grey Clouds’

Even before you know the story behind this song, it’s beautiful. An almost eery sound with a delicate and well-balanced blend of major to minor to major chord progressions, it verges on haunting while simultaneously holding a note of hopeful uplift – an optimistic, soothing smile in the midst of what was clearly a deeply saddening experience.


Having been working on her sound for many years now, Clodagh (Clodagh O’Sullivan), an incredibly talented musician from Macroom, Co. Cork, released her first single ‘Grey Clouds’ on the 25th January 2019. Well-known in her hometown for her beautiful, pitch-perfect voice, Clodagh’s music demonstrates more than purely melodic musical talent – for Clodagh, music is about expression, and it is in her lyrics that this shines through the most.

Coming from a deeply personal place with all of her music, Clodagh’s poetic lyrics in ‘Grey Clouds’ reveal the emotions of loss. ‘Grey Clouds’ is an expression of what Clodagh went through after the passing of her grandmother, Nora Walsh, to whom the song is dedicated.

“The song is my therapy. It deals with issues I’ve suppressed my whole life and that I’m finally ready to open up about and share with the world”

Clodagh, on her single ‘Grey Clouds’

You can listen to Clodagh’s ‘Grey Clouds’ on all music streaming sites. Find out more about Clodagh, and keep updated on her website at

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