How do you like your hot beverage in the winter?

Canon AE-1, 35mm film

I like mine with caffeine.

I took this photo, I think, about 6 years ago – at least. I can’t remember exactly, but I am pretty sure it was taken at a food festival in Kenmare. Either there, or at a little farmers market my family and I stopped at on one of our drives. Every once in a while, my Mum and Dad, my little brother and myself would pack a picnic and go on a drive around the Beara Peninsula. If you live in Ireland and you haven’t done that yet, I would highly recommend it – especially if beautiful scenery, hidden beaches and tiny little rural Irish villages along the south-west coast of Ireland is something you’d be interested in experiencing.

What is more comfortingly warming on cold winter days than one’s favourite hot beverage? Seeing the snow we have had here in some places across Ireland over the last few days reminds me of these little, simple winter pleasures. While hot chocolate isn’t my go-to hot beverage, I do thoroughly enjoy a mocha now and then.

Treat yourself to your favourite hot beverage today, be that a milky or flavoured coffee, a plain or spiced hot chocolate, even the good ole reliable and always wonderful cuppa tea. Take a few moments out of whatever kind of day you may be having to sit, sip, and let your mind slow and quiet down for a little while. It does us the world of good.

Ciara D. 1/2/2019

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