A chat with Laura Misch

An absolute beauty with a sweet nature that resembles in ways the powerful delicacy and gentility of her voice, Laura Misch is a London-based musician who works from her music room at home in which she creates an experimental sound even she cannot yet define. Laura, sister to the also highly-musically-talented Tom Misch, is currently working on her music, and fans of Laura are waiting patiently for an album that we hope is on the horizon. We have enjoyed the release of three singles since Laura’s album Playground was released in May 2017, ‘Lagoon’ in February 2018 and ‘I Adore’ in August 2018. Laura’s newest single, ‘Hibernate’, was released on the 11th January this year.

Delicate, pure and wholesome in character, her music embodies that same timid softness that she does, while also exemplifying a note, albeit a soft one, of resolute power and strength. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Laura through email, an interaction in which she so openly told me about herself and the personal music projects she has produced thus far, and the ones she continues to work on. I want to publish the responses here exactly how I received them: with no upper case letters and some smiley faces throughout.

Laura Misch

Introduce yourself! How would you define yourself, who you are and what you’re about!
hey! my names laura, i make diy music and art at home, been making sax soundscapes and songs for a couple of years now and doing an experimental one woman show. 

Where did your love and passion for music begin?
from copying people around me, family and friends – i see it a bit like cooking, just something you can do to nurture yourself and others. 

What instruments do you play? If you had to pick, which instrument would be your favourite?
sax is my main, the others i like to experiment with, see what sounds i can make by recording note by note. freezing time is an important part of producing for me so i am very grateful to tech and DAWS. 

Talk about some of your biggest musical influences. What artists have you looked up to, and which do you continue to look up to?
this changes all the time as i find a busker on the street as inspiring as a house hold name, but certainly bjork, i resonate with because i feel like she’s so vulnerable. 

What music do you listen to in your own time?
mostly instrumental, recently lots of nhils frahm, jon hopkins and rival consoles. 

How would you define/describe your own music, and what genre do you feel it fits into best?
This q always stunts me, i have so much unreleased music that i think its hard to define and im not sure atm as its very much a baby project, i think in a year i will be able to define it :)))) lets ask this q again then plz!

You record and produce your own music from home. Why so? Do you feel this allows you more control over the finished pieces? Would you be open to signing with a record label or are you happy and want to continue doing your own thing?
so right now ive got cabin fever from spending too much time at home so i would say mainly its because it makes it sustainable, i cant afford to hire out a studio at this stage, certainly it gives you a degree of control, but also it takes control away as you don’t have access to the equipment that would give you optimal control, but i always try and just use the tools i have around me or can borrow of friends. i think the label question is a complicated one as it really depends on the people you are working with and what the project needs. im open, but also happy working independently for now. 

Which do you prefer; performing live or recording yourself at home? If you had to choose to do one, over the other for the rest of your musical career, which would it be?
haha they are so different! they are like two sides of a coin for me and balance each other out. if i had to chose i would record my self performing live at home?! to squeeze in both 🙂 

What are your hopes and plans for the future?
to keep refining, till i find the right tool kit, and create a sonic and visual language that enables me to express in the most authentic way. 
– and then to collaborate more! don’t want to hermit forever.

end of interview

Laura Misch (right) playing with brother Tom Misch (left/centre).

It is always a wonderful feeling to hear back from artists who you love and admire and to get the opportunity to speak with them, or correspond with them in any way at all. I’ve said it before; I am and always will be so grateful for the opportunities that being involved with student media and the University Express (formerly UCC Express) newspaper in UCC has opened up for me.

Here’s hoping that I keep my foot in it, journalism and interviews, in some way or another when I graduate – maybe this, ciaraday.com, will be it.

Ciara D. 30/1/2019

This interview was originally published in the 2018/2019 University Express, Issue 5. 

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