New Year New You?

I get why we make New Year resolutions around this time of the year, it being the beginning of a new one and all. It’s a New Year, yes, but why all the pressure to start something to better ourselves at this time as opposed to any other time? If you think about it, your birthday is the real start to a new year for you, not New Years. If it’s an optimum time to start our good intentions, positive changes and New Year resolutions we are looking for, then our birthday would technically be the best as it is, literally, a new year and age for us.

I don’t think we need an optimum time to start new things, to do something we’ve been saying we would for a while, though. There’s no time as good as the present, as they say – no time as good as whenever you want, whenever suits you, whenever you can.

The excuse that “it isn’t a good time” to start is never valid, really, as much and all as we’d like to believe it is, to relieve our guilt. Unless your resolution is intensely time-specific, which, let’s face it, most are not, there really is no bad or wrong or even better time to do something. You don’t have to wait until the New Year or your birthday to start making changes in your life that you hope will better it – you can make such changes at any time. It doesn’t even have to be a Monday, or September to coincide with the return to college after a long and indulgent summer break, or the first day of a new month. You can even start something at 5pm on a Sunday evening if that suits you – imagine. Of course it’s nice to settle into the comforting excuse that it is 5pm on a Sunday evening, the day of rest, to not start anything and to put it off until the Monday morning or some time during the week, or maybe in the New Year, or maybe after my birthday… We’re only human, we do this, we procrastinate, and that’s ok – to a point.

The thing is not that it took me almost 5 years to build up the confidence and can-do attitude required to finally start this blog – it’s that I did it. At 5pm. On a Sunday evening.

Just do it.

Ciara D. 21/1/2019

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