Journal Day 20/1/2019

I decided to include a journal section in my blog, because a lot of the time I will want to write about things going on in my life in general – personal musings that won’t fit in under any of the other sections. I would say I’ll post a journal log everyday, but I don’t want to make a promise to you, or myself, that I may not keep.

So, I’ll just post a journal whenever I can, whenever it suits, whenever I want to.

Right now, I’m sat in my room in between violin lessons (I teach violin – I have 30mins before my next student), with my favourite candle lighting, tunes playing from the Anker speaker my lil bro gave me (he upgraded to a UE Boom), making out my plan for the week with the gorgeous journal my Dad got me for Christmas.

I love my journals.

2019 journals

Ciara D. 20/1/2019

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